We are connecting the underground. Celebrating real role models. Heroines.
The original piece 'Foundations' represents our tribe, starts the conversations, the connections.
Re-incarnating iconic Heroines by introducing strong, nostalgic collections, a nod to the past and a part of the future. 

Wear history, create movement.

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"From my experience in running a brand that was just ‘clothes’ I am now committed to providing for the culture surrounding creative women. Creating collections that are your armour, that speak the same language as you, designed for a community that is oozing with strong, authentic, inspiring women. Heroine is going to change the way that we communicate with our wardrobes and our mouths. We are generating social, creative and physical conversations, breaking down barriers and doing it together, a community of Heroines who have your back.”


What we do...

In a world filled with fads and falsities, Heroine is disrupting the flow with our authentic culture. Starting out with our Foundations collection which identifies the brand, sets the tone, and visually connects the tribe. This will lead on to our full collections that re-incarnate iconic, mythical and historical Heroines. Aligning this with profiles on the Heroines of today, role models who are positively influencing us with their talents. Heroine connects, creates cultural and physical conversations, syncing creative women and uniting the Heroines of the future.

Robyn Leonie (Founder) outgrew the world of fast fashion, a space increasingly notorious for lacking meaning, giving way to the birth of Heroine. Heroines ethos and brand culture broadens social circles, links subcultures and through digital content distributes backstage passes into the lives and minds of heroic figures who deserve to be shouted about, celebrating their talents whilst cultivating a community who are in the same direction.
During her time in the sphere of throwaway fashion, Robyn noticed a widening disconnect between our beliefs, behaviours and wardrobes. Based on this insight, the Foundations pieces were designed to re-connect us with what we wear and with each other. Reinstalling confidence, from the outside in.