These are the Heroines of today. The role models, the influential figures who are positively blessing the world with their spirits and talents. This is where we connect with them, sit down and have real conversations and explore their minds.


If you don't already know about Carly Wilford you're missing out, this incredible woman's got serious soul, that's probably how she always ends up celebrating some of the biggest artists on the planet before the rest of us have even heard of them. One of the leading tastemakers in the music scene, presenter and DJ (SISTER), Carly is unstoppable and who in their right mind would even try to stop her?


Heroine Spotlight:

Starling is a rarity, a creative spirit who manages to channel her diaries, her dreams and her experiences (even the traumatic ones) into captivatingly beautiful pieces of art. It's less and less common that artists have such transparency and we can see and experience the artistic motive behind music, Starling brings that and then sticks a little shimmy on the top.
She's a Heroine for sure. 

heroine spotlight:
Jaz O'HARA (coming soon)

With a soulful essence and a heart even bigger than her smile, Jaz O'Hara is no less than a modern day Mother Teresa.
This woman challenged the mainstream media and has shone a light on the refugee crisis like never before. Now travelling the world helping those in need Jaz's strength and story is something that will change the way you see the world in a heartbeat.