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Starling is a self-described ‘pop practitioner’ who fuses the fantastical with the day to day.

London born and art-obsessed, her left-field take on electronica sees her lyrics often inspired by dream diaries and journals. Her track In The Dark was written about her experience of having a drink spiked in NYC, whilst Large It was produced by Eg White who is behind hits of Adele and Florence. Stepping into performing on stage happened out of spontaneity, which has since blasted her into the limelight. Fearlessly experimenting with her own rules, she is feisty and artistic in equal measure.

"The pop princess who DGAF. Starling's alt-pop style is making her one of the most exciting artists out there. A lover of art, and especially visually vivid artists, her tracks are an explosion of technicolour pop with a distinctive edge. Unapologetically honest, her music is ballsy and beautiful." - Wonderland Magazine

Starling Heroine Interview

We speak to Starling to delve into the magical mind behind the sounds...

What is a Heroine to you, and why?

If you have courage and integrity in every action, you answer to yourself rather than what others think, then you're a heroine - because you trust your own compass to guide you in every action. And I think trusting yourself is really the key to life.  

In your wardrobe, what makes you feel the most empowered?

I have this thing at the moment where all my favourite outfits are just one colour (laughs) Top, jacket, skirt, shoes - all one colour. It feels like my energy is contained when I dress in one. Currently baby pink is the favourite; I feel powerful and feminine.

If you like something about someone do you tell them?

Yes, every time. All the time. I think it's so important to tell people what you feel about them positively. Most of us are dealing with our own "not enough" story in one way or the other, be it visually or with something we feel is not quite on the mark. Having someone say ‘hey you look beautiful today’ can really shift you into a confident space. I know that because sometimes I've been low and someone says something nice and I feel lifted.

"Face the fear, it's worth it. Freedom’s on the other side"

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If you had to compliment yourself on something, what would it be?

I think facing my fears and anxiety. Despite a lot of confidence issues and insecure stuff I'm still following my dream and living it. I would love to share that to whoever is reading right now if they ever felt fear around what they love. Face the fear, it's worth it. Freedom’s on the other side.

How do you think we can encourage a sense of community amongst us day to day?

By being a sister to each other. I see too much judgment around, particularly women to women on how they look. If we all realise we are not in competition but that we can all rise together, then the world would be much warmer.

Best lesson you’ve learned about yourself?

Don't listen to others so much. Listen to yourself and trust it.

And finally...who’s your Heroine of the:

Past? Joan of Arc

Present? Emma Watson - she’s the bomb!

Future? I would like to be the future - is that too cocky?!

Starling released her new single 'In The Dark' on April 20th through Distiller Records.