We will be hosting a variety of events, talks, workshops throughout the year to connect and inspire the Heroine community. 

Heroine Sofa Talks

sofa talks

It's like a panel talk but without the uncomfortable high chairs - we invite some Heroines to sit on the sofa to uncover and discover, expect to watch the guards drop. Have a Heroine in mind that you would like to see on our sofa?

host a heroine brunch

host a brunch

You know that annoying question 'If you could invite 10 people, living or not, to the 'World's Greatest Dinner Party,' who would you invite? Well this is that except with Heroines, and all living, mid-morning, and it's actually going to happen! Yeah. We know.

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be a heroine

If you are a Heroine and have some opinions, thoughts or skills that you would like to share with the community, we can help you spread the love by giving some others a helping hand.
After all, we're in this together.